Elc-12DC-Da-Tp Qualitäts-Timer-Mikro-Controller

Produktbeschreibung Model: RHELC-18DC-DA-RPower supplyRated voltage: DC12-24V(Output full-load): Typical 3WMain voltage operation range: 10V-28VDigital inputSignal 0: DC 0-3VSignal 1: D

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Model: RHELC-18DC-DA-R

Power supply
Rated voltage: DC12-24V
(Output full-load): Typical 3W
Main voltage operation range: 10V-28V

Digital input
Signal 0: DC 0-3V
Signal 1: DC 8-24V
Input current: < 1.0mA
Input current: >1.5mA

High-speed counting: AI8 (Max. 99k Hz)

Analog input
Signal: DC 0-10V

Digital output
Output type: Transistor(NPN type) output
Continuous current max value: MAX. 0.3A

PWM: 2 channel (Q3, Q4)

Standard ELC-12 Series highlights at a glance:
Removable LCD with keypad for manual programming, operator interface or maintenance troubleshooting

Customizable Start-up page / screen
4-line, 10-character configurable backlighting display
Manual programming via Keypad panel without PC capability (optional)
Various blocks' different parameters can be displayed on one screen / page simultaneously
Randomly specify a specific page to display the IO status of the ELC 12 or expansion module attached
Ethernet capability available.

Alarm page can record and display the exact alarm occurrence time
Programmable up to 64 (user defined) screens / pages
Optional metal mounting plate offers mounting to the rear of the control panel door.
Modbus RTU &ASCII protocol supported.
Unit Size allows for DIN-rail mounting together with commonly used breakers in building automation applications.

Retentive memory capability standard feature on the ELC-12 model.
Powerful communication capability(1 RS232 port and 2 RS485 ports built-in)
It's optional for xLogic to act as slave or master in Modbus RTU communication network.
Extra large program capacity ( 512 function blocks available)

HMI(LCD) separate installation available, e. G. XLogic can be installed inside electric cabinet and HMI/LCD mounted in it's front panel for easier observation and convenient operation
Area of application

Contributed to xLogic's versatile features, The PLC can be used in numerous applications:
Machine controls
Motor, pump and valve controls
Air compressors
Exhaust and filtering systems
Water-treatment plants
Woodworking machinery
Etching and purification plants

Transport facilities
Conveyor systems
Hoisting platforms
Silo facilities
Livestock feed delivery

Operational monitoring systems
Access control
Vehicle control monitoring
Alarm systems
Level limit monitoring
Traffic light control systems
Baggage handling

Unique applications
Wind power systems
Harsh environments
Display panels and traffic control signs

The ideal solution for simple automation tasks
Minimizes costs - replaces many conventional switching control devices,
Reduces time requirements simplified wiring and panel layout,
Offers flexibility in resellers stock selection by offering removable keypad display
Saves much space in the switching cabinet - modules based on a 4 width industry standard dimension replace a wide variety of relays, timer switches and contactor relays

Furnishes the widest range of capabilities and successful implementation of extensive applications with the option of selecting from 44 integrated functions and linking up to 512 of them in the user program.
Operator control and monitoring are made very user-friendly by means of a 4 line, 10 characters per line, backlit display.

Additional external text display extends the possibilities for operator control and monitoring
Password protection Protects your engineering IP
44 integrated, pre-tested functions No additional devices, such as elapsed time counter, are required
Linking of 512 functions is possible Extensive applications can be implemented without restrictions
Eight digital inputs (incl. Four AIS at 12 / 24 V DC) and four digital outputs on board
Display of message texts, action items and current values as well as direct modification of the values on the display

ModelExpansionBrief  DescriptionSupply voltageInputsOutputsHigh-speed countPWMHMIRTC
ELC-12AC-R-CAPYESCPU with 13-LED-indicators COVERAC 110-240V8 digital4 relays(10A)NONOoptionalyes
ELC-12DC-DA-R-CAPYESCPU with 13-LED-indicators COVERDC12V-DC24V4 digital/analog(I1-I4) + 4 digital (I5-I8)4 relays(10A)  I7, I8( Max. 30k Hz)NOoptionalyes
ELC-12DC-DA-TN-CAPYESCPU with 13-LED-indicators COVERDC12V-DC24V4 digital/analog(I1-I4) + 4 digital (I5-I8)4 transistors(PNP)I7, I8( Max. 30k Hz)2ch(Q3, Q4)optionalyes
ELC-12DC-DA-TP-CAPYESCPU with 13-LED-indicators COVERDC12V-DC24V4 digital/analog(I1-I4) + 4 digital (I5-I8)4 transistors(NPN)I7, I8( Max. 30k Hz)2ch(Q3, Q4)optionalyes
ELC-12AC-R-HMIYESCPU with keypad panel/LCDAC 110-240V8 digital4 relays(10A)NONOoptionalyes
ELC-12DC-DA-R-HMIYESCPU with keypad panel/LCDDC12V-DC24V4 digital/analog(I1-I4) + 4 digital (I5-I8)4 relays(10A)  I7, I8( Max. 30k Hz)NOoptionalyes
ELC-12DC-DA-TN-HMIYESCPU with keypad panel/LCDDC12V-DC24V4 digital/analog(I1-I4) + 4 digital (I5-I8)4 transistors(PNP)I7, I8( Max. 30k Hz)2ch(Q3, Q4)optionalyes
ELC-12DC-DA-TP-HMIYESCPU with keypad panel/LCDDC12V-DC24V4 digital/analog(I1-I4) + 4 digital (I5-I8)4 transistors(NPN)I7, I8( Max. 30k Hz)2ch(Q3, Q4)optionalyes
ELC-12AC-R-E-CAPNOCPU with 13-LED-indicators COVERAC 110-240V8 digital4 relays(10A)NONONOyes
ELC-12DC-D-R-E-CAPNOCPU with 13-LED-indicators COVERDC12V-DC24V8 digital4 relays(10A)NONONOyes
ELC-12DC-D-TN-E-CAPNOCPU with 13-LED-indicators COVERDC12V-DC24V8 digital4 transistors(PNP)NONONOyes
ELC-12DC-D-TP-E-CAPNOCPU with 13-LED-indicators COVERDC12V-DC24V8 digital4 transistors(NPN)NONONOyes

About US
YUEQING CITY RUIHUA CABINET WHOLE SET EQUIPMENT is a professional manufacturer of 
low voltage electrical products in South China. 
Our company is committed to design, produce and sale a series of ozone generators air pumps, 
PLC, rotary encoders, HMI, sensors, switches , warning lights, meters and many other electrical 
components. We exports various types of electrical appliances to different countries.

Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trade dealer?
A: We are manufacturer with our own factory and trading company.
Q: When did your company start to manufacture the products?
A: We started from the year of 2005.
Q: How can I get some samples?
A: You can send email, buy from our online shop or call us for sample order.
Q:.Can I just buy 1pc sample first or small order?
A:Yes,support sample order and small order, especially for new customers.
Q:.How long to make a sample?
A: We have plenty of stock to support sample order and small order.
Q: Is the sample fee refundable or not?
A:Due to the producing cost is high, we need charge sample fee.
Q:What certification do you have?
A:We have got CE, RoHS certification for our products.
Q:Can I put my own logo?
A:Yes, your logo can be engraved, embossed, transfer-printing or lasered etc.
Q:Is the price including duty?
A: This price does not include customs fee, local taxes, or brokerage fee.
Q:How good is your service and after-sales service?
A: We have excellent customer service & technical support &1-year warranty police to meet all your requirements.
Q: How do your company regard on quality control?
A:Quality is priority. We think highly of quality controlling.

About Payment
We provided Trade Assurance service 
We also accept payment by T/T; Western Union, ESCROW, Paypal, Money gram
We Provide OEM Services
We can do OEM for your brand (print your logo ). And we can make product according to your design .
The processing method ,the size ,the quality etc ,will all follow your requirement .
We do OEM for a lot of the world's leading brands ,we have rich experience in production. We have molds in varieties ,and we have strict  products quality control system.
We have a strong R&D team, to develop new products according to the sample you provided.

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